Bringing balance to clinical and economic concerns.

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Our Clinical Programs focus on our clients’ individual needs. We engage our clients, provide them with solid and reliable clinical information, and assist them to make educated clinical and business decisions that work best for them and those they serve. 

Our Clinical Advisory Committee is the cornerstone of our clinical programs.

The Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC), consisting of experienced professionals, serves as an advisory body to us, our clients, and strategic partners by providing consultation regarding drug formularies, medication policies and clinical programs associated with formulary selection. Because of our diverse client base, We maintain multiple committees, grouping like entities with like entities, to ensure our clients’ best interests are understood and served. With CAC, our mission is to promote safe, cost-effective, and quality drug therapy that appropriately reflects community and national standards of practice. 

Focus on clinical evidence.

The CAC is based on careful reviews of available clinical evidence. We also partner with schools of pharmacy at respected academic institutions to maintain the high quality of the clinical evidence reviews. 

Flexible formulary choices. 

Our Clinical Programs offer flexibility in developing and maintaining drug formularies that best serve our clients. The Formularies (Preferred, Premium and Premium Plus) are designed to provide our clients with a choice of pharmacy products that meet all of the essential clinical conditions while addressing economic needs. Any of these formularies may also be customized to meet our clients’ needs. Other clients may choose to maintain their current formulary with the guidance of our Clinical Advisory Committees. No matter what course our clients choose, formulary support and guidance are included.

Customized clinical programs and support that work for you.

PharmVantage offers full client support in the management of formularies and clinical initiatives. Support is provided through custom programs such as: 

  • Outbound education programs to patients, physicians and pharmacies targeting formulary or preferred products as well as programs to optimize the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals 
  • Multiple intervention and outreach methods (mail, fax, e-mail, telephonic, on-line claim messaging) 
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Comparative analysis reporting

With our Clinical Programs, backed by our panel of experts, we offer our clients innovative, flexible services to guide in the development of cost-effective pharmacy benefit design.

Let us show you how PharmVantage’s Clinical Programs can work for you 

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