PharmVantage is a unique program that shows pharmacies how they can remove the PBM and contract directly with employer groups, including health systems and hospitals leveraging your existing community relationships.

You have seen the direction independent pharmacy is headed and you have decided to take action and pave your own way to success. You have chosen to be a trailblazer in this exciting solution to the ambiguous future that is independent pharmacy. There is no limit to where this path takes you.

Our mission at PharmVantage is to alleviate some of the pains seen in the independent pharmacy by placing the power back in the pharmacist’s hands.

Our vision is to eliminate the PBM and bring pharmacy benefits back to the community.

See the advantage with PharmVantage.

PharmVantage wants to help you provide this cost-saving solution to employers in your community. Your pharmacy is able to contract directly with employer groups, thereby increasing your reimbursements and creating foot traffic. Traditional PBMs will be removed from the mix as employers join your pharmacy’s program to help save them substantial amounts of money. No more negative reimbursements, DIR fees, MAC lists, or clawbacks. Your profit margins will see a significant increase!  Click here to learn more and find out what resources PharmVantage offers to help your pharmacy succeed.

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