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Track growth and savings with true transparency.

Robo-Rebate℠ is Ventegra’s proprietary pharmaceutical rebate management application and service tool demonstrating Ventegra’s commitment to true transparency. With true transparency, all rebates and incentives are fully disclosed and accessible to both our clients and our contracted pharmaceutical manufacturers. With Robo-Rebate, what you see is what you get. 

Robo-Rebate is the brainchild of a team of industry experts that applied their collective 85-plus years of results-driven experience to designing a tool that truly answers the needs of clients, both manufacturers and payors, for an efficient, accurate and nimble automated approach to processing and managing rebates. 

The Robo-Rebate Difference

With Ventegra’s Robo-Rebate system, clients enjoy the peace of mind that their rebates will be efficiently and accurately processed. 

Benefits to our clients include:

  • Accuracy and integrity in executing agreements including contract eligibility, market share, contract price, overall calculation, etc.
  • Timely submissions resulting in prompt disbursements to our clients. 
  • Reconciliation reports at the claim level, providing full transparency while ensuring that no money is left on the table.
  • Continuous evaluations of therapeutic, clinical, and economic value to best serve the needs of clients and their members. 
  • Variety of manufacturer contract solutions including direct purchase pricing, commercial, Managed Medicaid, Medicare and at-risk medical groups. 
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