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Save on Rx Spend

Save money on your employee's prescription drug spend.

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340B optimization and audit program with an emphasis on compliance.

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Keep the rebates you are entitled to.

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PharmVantage is…


a dedicated team of professionals.


The PharmVantage team is made up of independent pharmacists and dedicated healthcare professionals, led by our innovative leadership team and supported by our advisory committees, brings together decades of combined skills and experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Our understanding of the unique needs and concerns of employers, managed care organizations (MCOs), providers (both pharmacy and medical), trade organizations and pharmaceutical vendors enables us to improve the way drug benefits are designed, delivered and managed.


much more than a traditional PBM.


PharmVantage delivers much more than traditional PBMs or group purchasing organizations. We are a Pharmacy Services Administrator (PSA) helping to manage health care costs and improve quality of care for businesses and consumers. For example, unlike PBMs, our acquisition cost-based PSA solution provides payors with the assurance that what is billed to them is what was paid to the pharmacy. We not only work to improve the quality of care in our healthcare system today, but we were formed to provide a new healthcare delivery channel that would be more efficient and less fragmented.